Phra Phuttha Chinnarat, the history, and the powers within.

The Phra Phuttha Chinnarat is one of the most renowned Buddha images in Thailand. The Phra Phuttha Chinnarat is in the temple of Wat Phra Si Rattana Mahathat located in Phitsanulok. The people call the temple “Wat Yai” that can be translated to Big Temple in english.

Beginning with the history of Wat Yai, the temple itself was built by King Litha who once ruled Sukhothai. He built the temple in the year 1357 and the temple is located at Naresuan Bridge right by the Nan river that runs through the bridge with the temple being over 36 rai large. The temple is visited by many everyday, including the locals and travelers passing through Thailand. This is thanks to the image of Phra Phuttha Chinnarat that is highly respected by the people. The image of Phra Phuttha Chinnarat is often mentioned by many as one of the most beautifully crafted Buddha images in Thailand. King Rama IV himself once praised the important significance Buddha images in Thailand. In Thailand there is only three Buddha images in Thailand that receives such level of respect from the people, along with Phra Phuttha Chinnarat, and Phra Si Satsada.

The importance of Buddhist images in Thailand is that the images is a representative of Lord Buddha who is the one who knows the world. There is a higher power that is held within every image of Lord Buddha. The powers within these images hold the power than can benefit the lives of those who pray and worship to the image. Usually, Thai people will pray and wish for positivity into the different aspects of life that they want help on or need luck to help them achieve those goals. The location that the image is placed is believed to be a sacred place. This can further be explained in three categories of sacred places. 1. Sacred places that hold historical significance that was a part of the Lord Buddha’s life, 2. Sacred places that holds the sacred relics of Lord Buddha, and 3. Sacred places that hold Buddha images. The Phra Phuttha Chinnarat and the temple of Wat Yai belongs to the last category. The beauty and the importance of the Phra Phuttha Chinnarat image is well known and respected not only in Thailand but also across Asia, both in terms of religion importance and one of the most beautifully crafted Buddha images ever to be made.

The Phra Phuttha Chinnarat image is built in the style of Sukhothai Buddha images, where the image itself is in the subduing Mara position. The size of the image is 100 inches wide and 140 inches tall. When visiting the Phra Phuttha Chinnarat image, the feeling as soon as you enter the Wat Yai temple is a feeling of peace and calm. There is a factor to visit the Phra Phuttha Chinnarat image that simply calms down your heart and helps draw down any nerves that you might have from any worries from the outside world. It is recommended if you are one to meditate, to take a moment and meditate in front of the Phra Phuttha Chinnarat image. By doing this, you will be meditating in a location true of peace, with the opportunity to meet and connect with a higher level of power. If you are concerned about the number of people that may be an obstruction to meditating in front of the image, a good option is to go early in the morning and later at day, at this time the temple is usually not busy, where there is a very high possibility to meditate with enough space peacefully and without interruption.

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